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Harnessing Colour from Nature

September 26, 2021 @ 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Class Description

Did you know that a gorgeous golden colour can be extracted from onion skins? Or a rosy pink from
avocado pits? How about roots, barks, leaves, and flowers? Up until the 1850’s, natural dyes were
used globally on textiles over the millennia. Get reacquainted with the fascination of obtaining dyes
from various sources, something your ancestors knew about. Harnessing dyes from Nature creates a
deep understanding and connection with life source.

In this 3-hour interactive workshop, you will gain some knowledge and process of textile dyeing with
natural materials. You will understand the difference between “cellulose” and “protein” fibres, and
how they take on the dyes. There will be an introduction to Shibori, the Japanese art of manipulating
fabric to create patterns through the dye process. You will be guided to dye a bandana using shibori
or dip-dye technique, which you will take home with you. This meditative process will provide you an
understanding why our (re)connection with Nature is imperative to our consumer choices, and in
particular, clothing. An art of crafting alongside Nature rather than against it.

*Note: your silk or organic cotton bandana has already been prepared (scoured & mordanted) to
take on the dyes during the workshop.

Instructor: Daphne Woo of Amacata

Daphne Woo is the natural dye artist behind AMACATA. Her prior experience includes
garment development for international sportswear brands, after graduating from KPU in
1995 with a Fashion Design & Technology diploma. Amid more than 20 years in the
apparel industry, Daphne steadily grew weary of contributing to mass consumerism. In
2016, she made the leap out of corporate apparel. She craved to contribute towards
solving a problem rather than feeding into a capitalistic mindset. Consequently, while
AMACATA was born in 2010, it was rekindled in 2017 as a social venture, breathing with new
purpose and joining the revolution against fast fashion. Working with natural textiles, and
dyeing them exclusively with natural dyes, Daphne feels best equipped to offer her work as a
medium to spark further awareness and conversation. She was first introduced to natural
dyes and the craft of Shibori in 1991 from then CapU instructor and now dear friend, Yvonne
Wakabayashi. Daphne observes regenerative ways of being & creating through
appreciation for Nature, transience, and the quality of evolving beautiful things. Her
cumulative experience of having lived in The Netherlands for a decade, and then returning to
her homeland of B.C., Canada, continues to shape her identity. As Daphne transitions from
Product to Art, it seems more so that Art encourages her towards her authentic self.

Artist Statement

It seems I am on the continuous transition from: working with product, to working with art.
I am steadily evolving as a professional artist through practice of my craft, working
exclusively with natural dyes on textiles. The past years, my intention has been to spread
awareness towards slow fashion alternatives and reconnection to Nature, as a means to
alter society’s reliance on fast fashion. However, with the onslaught of the pandemic, and
rising consciousness of power inequity, with its’ direct link to climate emergency, I feel even
more compelled to raise awareness of how acknowledging that we ARE Nature can help clue
into more conscious choices. Thus, with Nature as my guide, and continuous
decolonization work, the hope is to tap into a connected life. Advocating a cultural shift
towards learning and unlearning – thus embracing new knowledge with humility, respect,
and grace. I support conscious living, and knowing that we are all connected. The return
to harmoniously being Nature rather than being against it.

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Cost: $105.00

Date: Sep 26, 2021

Time: 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Organizer: Southlands Grange Centre for Farming & Food

Location: Market Square - 6388 Market Ave
Delta, British Columbia V4L 1M9 Canada

Naturally Dyed Silk Bandanas

Harnessing Colour from Nature

6388 Market Ave
Delta, British Columbia V4L 1M9 Canada
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