We're working to create and promote a food culture that values taste, tradition, sustainability, and the land from which it grows.

What We Do

Southlands Grange strengthens the local food system by offering a place for community members to connect to the place & people that grow their food.

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Southlands is a place to reconnect to where your food comes from. Join our Community Supported Agricultural (CSA) Program, come to the Farmers Market or go to one of the neighborhood food businesses located in the Market District.

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Grange celebrates farming and food through events, workshops, and programs in an effort to reconnect people to where their food is grown and harvested.

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Our community comes to gather at the Market Square. Connect to your community by attending the Farmers Market, gardening in the allotment gardens or hosting your own event at one of our community spaces.

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Southlands has over 100 acres of conservation area and we are actively working on enhancing it with additional bird and bee habitat.

Community Supported Agriculture

Southlands Grange coordinates a CSA program made up of goods from the Artisans and Producers of Southlands


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“Southlands Grange aims to activate a Community-based Farm and Market District that celebrates food and agriculture in an economic and social hub”

— Sean Hodgins, Founder

Young Agrarians Apprenticeship at Southlands Grange

The Young Agrarians Apprenticeship Program at Southlands Grange is a six month apprenticeship on a working organic vegetable farm. Apprentices will get hands on training on running a farm business day-to-day. Apprentices will participate in workshops as part of the New Farmer Training Program at Southlands Grange.


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Event spaces

The historic Red Barn will be a familiar sight to Tsawwassen residents who walk or cycle the trails near Centennial Beach. The heart of Market Square, the Red Barn hosts a winter farmers’ markets, Harvest festivals, and community events. The interior also provides a commercial kitchen for community members and farmers who preserve the harvest for the community.


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Southlands has over 100 acres of protected ecosystems, raptor & migratory bird habitat, and pollinator pathways. Check back soon for more details on tours and our ecological programs.