To activate a Community-based Farm and Market District that celebrates food and agriculture in an economic and social hub.

Many of us grew up with the experience of growing food – a farm owned by grandparents or a kitchen garden and fruit tree in your backyard. We understood and appreciated food well before we ate it, as we watched the combine working or pulled potatoes from the garden.

But most of us have lost touch with farms and growing food. The global economics of food and agriculture mean there are fewer family farms and fewer connections to agriculture in our society. In a world with plentiful food we often lack the sense of connection we once had to how food comes to the table.

If we can create a place where farming and food could energize a neighbourhood then, in a modern sense, we can reestablish something we lost. That is the promise of Southlands – that we make those connections and reestablish the culture of agriculture in a new sense of place.