Sensitive park habitat on both the south edge, and beach sides of the farm has been donated and preserved by Century Group. These tracts of land will remain as protected nature ways for generations to come. These protected areas feature 125 acres of park and two protected habitat preservation areas of 75 and 40 acres.
The farm Southlands Farm is planted with nature in mind and features numerous features with ecological significance, including:

  • reuse of irrigation/rain water
  • Registered Salmon Safe community
  • The Delta Farm and Wildlife Trust winter cover crop program for bird habitat and erosion control
  • Organic certification of 50 acres of farmland.
  • The development of housing took pains to preserve all the topsoil and redistribute it over the remaining farmland. This soil conservation helped raise fields over sea level and has made the lands more productive than they were prior development then prior to development.
  • Planting corridors and bloom schedule for bees
  • Pollinator hedgerows
  • Queen bee breeding program(Boundary Bay Bees)
  • Hives for Humanity research program.